Following is a selection from a series of visual explorations using a Kit of Parts (Lupton p126) used to quickly develop concepts for out-of-home media units. The explorations were grouped into four (4) thematic groups. The final posters activated a transmedia campaign called Ask Compass for the Metro Vancouver Transportation Authority (aka TransLink). 

1) A flat illustration style used to portray quirky, blue-sky scenarios positioned as crowdsourced questions. Reusing the basic building blocks, colours, and texture allowed rapid narrative development and focused testing.
2) Cantering on the compass logo to illustrate truly bizarre user questions.
3) Straightforward explorations used elements from the Ask Compass user interface. The questions had identified through research as most relevant across the region. 
4) Using a design constraint: limited graphic vocabulary to only the logo, to render images in the negative space. The idea was to lean into the earned media exposure and social engagement from a previous brand identity campaign. 
The strongest candidates where tested in-situ. 
Lupton, Ellen (2011) Graphic Design Thinking, Princeton Architectural Press

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