Blasta an Oatmeal Stout
Brewing, Naming, Packaging, Illustration

About the project
A new (and fierce) Oatmeal Stout inspired a search into the history of oats: a national dish of Scotland honoured by the World Porridge Championship in the highland village of Carrbridge (where excellence can earn you a coveted Golden Spurtle). 

Project Outcome
The product narrative is authentic and rich in potential. “Blasta!” in Scottish Gaelic, is not an onomatopoeia, but a compliment meaning tasty, delicious, or eloquent (as in,“Tha oatmeal blasta.”) Even the Gaelic word for beer, lionn, relates to traditional Scottish heraldry and the Lion Rampant (illustrated here in stout format, turned around a spurtle)
About the client
Sweet Soul Creative is a partnership between tastemakers and brand designers resulting in a deep synergy between product and packaging, flavour and font, taste and typography, design and deliciousness.

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